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Geography – Unit One Notes
What is Geography?
Geography is the study of the world, how it works, and how people use and change the world as they live in it. Origins
The word “Geography” comes from the Greek word “Geo.” Meaning earth and “graph” meaning writing. Definitions
Population Denisty – Figure calculated by dividing the population of a region by the region’s area. Staristical Analysis – Studying collected data for the purposes of summarizing information to make it more usable and for making generalizations. Geotechnologies – New Geographic technologies, such as remote sensing, GPS and GIS, that have revolutionized the field of geography. Mental Maps – Maps in our mind of places we know. Gross Domestic Product – Total value of the goods and services produced within a country per person, excluding transactions with othe countries. Absoulute Measure – Type of measure that does not consider total amounts in relation to population sizes. Relative Measure – Type of measure that considers total amounts in relation to population sizes. Human Development Index – An index that includes measure of health, education, and wealth to indicate a country’s level of human development. Gender Empowerment Index - An index designed to indicate the amount of economic and political power that a country’s women have. Environmental Stability – Measurment, devised by the World’s Economic Forum, of current and furture levels of environmental stability in each of 146 countries. Maps – Shows where places are located and their relationships to nearby places Things You Need To Know

A Geographers task is to explain how and why places differ from one...
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