General Principles of Good Governance

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General Principles of Good Governance

1.Service to Others

Service to others allows us to practice doing what Jesus would do and it connects us to those we serve and give us a kind of satisfaction that self-interest can never offer. When we serve others we are reminded that nothing in this life lasts as long as the bonds we form with other people, and there's no better way to connect ourselves to others than by working together for our common good and because everything we have comes from God, we should be willing to share it all. Think how much those talents mean when you share them with someone who needs your particular brand of expertise. Even the little things we do, like helping someone to transfer or positioning them or even feeding them, can make life a little easier for someone else.

2.Professional Competence
When we talk of professional competence, we refer to patients' expectations that the professional they come into contact with will be up to the job. Professionals should be able to do that which they profess they can do. The patient simply expects that the healthcare professional has up-to-date knowledge and skills. Professional competence requires a firm educational grounding, followed by a period of formal training to acquire the relevant knowledge and skills in the workplace. Thereafter, continued competence rests on a combination of education, continuous development, confidence and experience. Professionals' competence also depends upon professionals themselves having an honest understanding of their abilities. It is crucial that errors in practice, or gaps in skill or knowledge, are acknowledged as early as possible and used as an opportunity for learning, rather than being suppressed or hidden out of fear of blame or sanction. Learning through mistakes can often be a very effective way of improving competence and understanding. 3.Solidarity and Teamwork

Teams work together to problem solve more efficiently, with each...
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