six principles of government

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there are six basic principles on which the constitution is based on. The 1st is Popular Sovereignty, the 2nd is Limited Government, the 3rd is Separation of Powers, the 4th is Checks and Balances, the 5th is Judicial Review, and the 6th one is Federalism. The constitution embodies these key principles along with describing the basic structure of our government.

Popular sovereignty is the principle that the government can only govern with the consent of the people. This means that the people are the only source for governmental power. The government rules through leaders elected by the people to represent the people.

Limited government is the principle that government may only do those things the people have given it the power to do. Much of the constitution spells out limits on the power of government. Limited government expresses that no one including the government is above the law. This is called the rule of law.

Separation of powers is the principle that all power is distributed among the three branches. The Constitution divides power among the legislative, executive and judicial branches. The Congress makes the laws, the executive enforces and administers the laws, and the judicial interprets the laws. Separation of power keeps a strong central government from being too strong. Too much power concentrated in any one branch could lead to abuse of that power.

Checks and balances is the system under which each branch of government can check, or limit the actions of the other branches. The President can veto bills passed by Congress, but Congress can override a veto. The Senate can reject presidential appointees or refuse to ratify a treaty. Congress can vote to impeach a federal official. The federal courts can rule that executive and legislative acts are unconstitutional.

Judicial review is...
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