The Importance Of Professionalism In Nursing

Topics: Communication, Nursing, Nurse Pages: 7 (1679 words) Published: January 20, 2016

Unlike many professions in the world, nursing is a career that requires vast amounts of interpersonal communication with patients, families, and fellow care providers. This large amount of communication is not an easy load to handle especially when a nurse has to communicate and also maintain professionalism. To preserve professionalism while working, a nurse must maintain professional communication, have positive first impressions upon patients and coworkers, follow values that allow for relationship building, and communicate in order to build trust.
As the profession of nursing grew into a larger field, different organizations began establishing their own characteristics or values that they believed nurses should follow. One of these organizations was the American Nurses Association. This Association...

These are not the only characteristics and values that a nurse should follow. Nearly every healthcare facility and medical organization will have their own set of standards from which every nurse is able to connect and relate their work to.
Professionalism can be defined and perceived in many different ways especially when discussing professionalism within different careers. I believe that professionalism in nursing is the demonstration of proper communication, knowledge, and skill while supporting a team working atmosphere. Proper communication is not only being able to discuss treatment and issues with a patient in a mature manner, but also being able to work with a team of staff members in order to achieve a professional work environment. Communication is vastly important among healthcare workers because miscommunication or poor communication skills could harm a patient physically or mentally. According to The Journal of Trauma Nursing, “Seventy percent of preventable medical errors are a result of poor communication between providers, and more than half of all deaths in the US malpractice lawsuits are attributed to poor teamwork”...
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