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shahjalal bank limited


Shahajalal Islami Bank Limited is a private commercial bank, which is 6th Islamic Shariah based bank in Bangladesh. The Bank started its operation on May 10, 2001, during this period it could improve its image in the society as an Islamic Bank. Now it has 79 branches in Bangladesh. As a new bank, Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited has been competing with other private banks where all the banks are adopting different incentive programs to attract the customers. Accordingly, SJIBL is offering different type of deposit scheme bearing highest rate of return. Mudarabah Deposit Scheme, Monthly income scheme and Millionaire scheme are the most popular offers that are completely innovation in the banking sector and widely accepted by the clients. With crumble down of the world economy, it is observed that the competition becomes intensive in the globalization process. Our country has also participated in the race for its existence. Therefore, it becomes obvious for us to increase the field industrialization. SJIBL is playing a vital role in developing industry of the country and putting the national economy competitive with world economy. The focus point of this report is to understand the activities of General Banking of Shahjalal Islami Bank Ltd.

Part One
Orientation of the report

|Origin of the report | |Objective of the report | |The Secondary objectives of this report | |Methodology of the Study | |Primary Sources of Data | |Secondary Sources of Data | |Scope of the study | |Limitations of the study |

Origin of the Study
This report originated as an academic requirement of BBA Program of Atish Dipenkar University of Science & Technology (ADUST) . After completion of the program period student must submit the report on the assigned topic to the department. The program is three months duration.

Objective of the Study
The main objectives of the study are:
• To find out the reality in the practical life.
• To fulfill the requirement for the completion of BBA program.

The Secondary objectives of this report
• To develop the practical knowledge by the practical orientation of work. • To build up the pillar of the career for near future. • To know about Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited (SJIBL) operational activities which is based on Islami Shariah. • To know distinguishing fractures between Islamic & Non-Islamic Bank. • To identify the customer service of SJIBL.

Methodology of the Study
Different data and information are required to meet the goal of this report. Those data and information were collected from various sources, such as, primary and secondary, which is showed below:

Primary Sources of Data
• Personal observation.
• Face to face conversation of the officers.
• Face to face conversation of the client.

Secondary Sources of Data
• File study.
• Annual report of Shahjalal Islami Bank Ltd.
• Statement of affairs.
• Bank Rate sheet
• Internet.
• Progress report of the Bank.
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