Topics: Feminism, Sharia, Islam Pages: 6 (2135 words) Published: December 9, 2013
Essay One
Question: Discuss the compatibilities or otherwise of religion and feminism with references at least two religious traditional.

Feminism and religion are not equal. In religion such as Islam, women are left behind as it may be the same in other religions. The role of religion in life of a feminist is always a difficult subject. A lot of religions depend on patriarchal structures that accept the blind or near blind appropriateness of those structures. It does not usually help either way, most religions come down on the wrong side of many policy issues that are important to feminist such as reproductive rights or the social, political mandated roles of women in the family. Women are not given equal rights as men do. Men are the decision makers, men always make rules, and men are the ones who call them the income of the family, the presence of women at home is the support of the husband but as a role, the husband/father is always the decision maker of the family. Megan Carpentier. (2008). Female leaders in church are trying to convince their young and new generation disciples that there is no contradiction by being a female and a Christian. The bible clearly says that “in Christ there is neither male nor female” (Galatians 3:28). There is a lot more to today’s radical feminism of equality between males and females, much of the ideology behind the radical women’s movement is incompatible with the Christian faith. Chelsen Vicari. (2013) In Islam, the Quran says “we are all equal in the eyes of Allah (God)” which says women and men are all equal in the eyes of god. It means that the dignity is important. In mosques, women are not able to participate in the same capacity as men do. Just having a place that is clean, shared and protected is a big challenge. Erika L.sanchez. (2013) For some Muslim women, feminism’s is not limited to Muslim issues. Today one of the most controversial issues between the Islamic women's movement is the concept of the original detectives, which is how women, who became known as the authorities in Muslim issues, such as the so-called honour killing. But this is dangerous when an individual as an expert who can explain all the Muslims to the rest of the world’s. Not all feminists have the same goal, some women have different thoughts and opinions. Erika L.sanchez. (2013)

In Islam, one of the sharia principles, male authority over the woman is refer to as the underlying frame work behind this uneven regulation. Family law and personal position, critics argue, are often the most demonstrative of these imbalances but in the same time, Islamic feminists argue that Islam is not the roof of the gender discrimination. Colleen Boland. (2013) Muslim feminists embrace their faith, culture and traditions while fiercely advocating legislative reforms and interpretations that reflect a more modern understanding of the role of women in society. It is not seeking to eradicate Islam in civil area; in fact, they say that their struggle for women comes from their faith. Colleen Boland. (2013) In Christianity, the church has traditionally taught the equality of souls to god and the world to come, have a clear perpetuation of gender inequality that exist in the church and the world. Throughout most of its history, the church was patriarchal institution based on anthropology at the man who is the head of women. Archbishop Cranmer. (2013) Women do not possess the image of god themselves, but only when taken together with the male who is her head. Thorough out the years, men who are the leaders in religion kept possessing god as a male figure and kept growing with a generations as a thought in their heads that god is a male figure, while in religions god never specified what gender it is. Archbishop Cranmer. (2013) In Islamic traditional and cultures, marriage is preferred within the family to extend the family rather than nuclear family system i.e. “marrying a non-family member”. In some Islamic cultures,...
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