Muslim Women

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How does 16 - 17th century Ottoman Period societies challenge the gender limitations usually associated with Islamic Societies?

The life of women in the a Islamic society is faced with great and unequal odds, as their human rights are limited, due to Islamic beliefs and a patriarchy society. From their daily actions at home, to their physical appearance, women are portrayed as quiet, faceless women veiled from head to toe. While this image is just another stereotype, women in the Islamic society do face many obstacles and challenges of creating their own identity as they are frequently denied their rights. Living in a society dominated by men, life in some cases is difficult for women in the Islamic society. There is constant fight for a change as they balance their traditional roles with those of modern society.

The life of the Muslin women not always has been a life of oppression. If we look back in history in the life of women in the pre-modern Islamic world, their life was very different than the life of a woman in the Islamic society today. For example, the life of the woman in the Ottoman Period was a life of few limitation. In the article by Suraiya Farooqhi, ‘Subjects of the Sultan: Culture and Daily Life in the Ottoman Period”1 it showed a different way of life of the women in the Islamic society. The life of the women in the Islamic society has not always been limited to a life without rights. In Ottoman Period, women had more freedom than now. According to court paper, letter and diary of the women in the Ottoman Period sometime did not marry, they were allowed to bring witness to court, ask for divorce, work and in some cases represent the family even though the husband was alive. They also have an active social life. The article mentions that the town ladies meet in the baths and talk about their daily life. They were the ladies of society who gave each other visit at their home.

One aspect of the Ottoman women that...
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