Progressive Muslims Post 9/11

Topics: Sharia, Islam, Women in Islam Pages: 2 (826 words) Published: July 15, 2010
Part I -Progressive Muslims – In Search of Progressive Islam Beyond 9/11 Farid Esack describes the situation of progressive Muslims post 9/11. He does this because their role has become significantly important in the society they live in. Progressive Muslims described by him are liberal Muslims who are seeking for a change but according to their conservative values. He describes the attacks from 9/11 represents a collision of two forms of religious fundamentalism, the American capitalistic market that was attacked by the angry religious individuals. These individuals portray an insult and a threat to Islam and to the people who follow it in a decisive correct manner. In the eyes of an American, Islam has become a threat to America and has been portrayed as a danger by the media. These negative influences have brought out negative effects and have brought more problems to the Islamic World and to the people and to countries that fear its potential to become a threat. Esack points out that the capitalistic system that America has established has created greed and corruption that poses effects to individuals to prioritize what is important to them in terms of morals and values. This has become a threat to Islam due to modernization, secularism, and western capitalistic influences that pose a threat to the teachings of Islam and the way of life of individuals to stay sovereign to God. Esack also states that post decisions of 9/11 for America has done nothing more than cost many more innocent lives.

Part II – Progressive Muslims and Gender Justice – Transforming Feminisms: Islam, Women, and Gender Justice Sa’diyya Shaikh, a Muslim woman gives the readers her definition of “feminism.” She clarifies that there is no single identity of feminism but a range of feminism identities in the Islamic world due to the integration of gender from different origins of the World and cultural backgrounds they have been exposed too. The religion and political situations as well...
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