Functions & Responsibilities of Hr & Admin Department of Rcl

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Chapter: 1 Introduction

1. Background of the report

After completion of MBA program students have to do internship in an organization for the fulfillment of the Degree. Internship program gives an opportunity of learning the real working dynamics and applied knowledge of Business Administration.

I complete my M.B.A program from department of Management Studies, University of Chittagong. To complete the academic requirement I did my internship at HR department of Royal Capital Limited. My internship topic was “functions & responsibilities of HR and Admin department of Royal Capital Limited. This report is prepared to focus on the functions and responsibilities of HR and Admin department of Royal Capital Limited.

1.2Rationale of the report

Internship program is the part of MBA program which gives a scope to MBA students to prepare a study report focusing solution to problematic issues of management of the organization. It is an opportunity to gather practical knowledge and reduce the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge. It also gives opportunity to the future managers to deal with practical problems and give solution in real business life.

I did my internship in Royal Capital Limited which is a leading equity brokerage house in the country. My internship report is based on the practical experience through working at the HR department of the company.

1.3Objectives of the report

The main objective of this report is to fulfill the academic requirement as well as the following objectives:

• To understand the Human Resource Management practices.

• To have a clear picture of the basic HR functions.

• To identify the clear picture of HR practices in RCL.

• To analyze the performance of the HR & Admin department of RCL.

1.4Methodology and Data collection

The report is prepared on the basis of experience and data collection through direct supervision at the work place. The methodology followed for the purpose of the study has been desk research as well as field survey. The desk research method has been followed to review the existing literature on the subject. Both primary and secondary data were collected to prepare the report.

The main sources of the primary data to prepare the company profile and its performance had been collected from organization’s web site and the concerned with HR Manager of Royal Capital Limited and secondary data collected from the web site and books for the purpose of preparing the literature part.

1.5Scope of the report

The report is prepared on the basis of direct supervision and collection and analysis of primary and secondary data. It provides information of a successful broker house, its practice and prospect of HR and Admin department. It will guide and give complete idea to a learner and clients about broker house and its activities. This report also provides gridlines to a learner about practice of HR and functions and responsibilities of HR and admin department.

1.6Limitations of the report

The study has been conducted subject to certain limitation. The rate of success of my study may be limited as I might have failed to collect proper information due to lack of my experience, some data could not be supplied for their confidentiality and official secrecy. The secondary sources of data were not available and well organized.

In addition to the above, RCL is a private limited company, which does not does not provide with all the necessary information as required due to their sensitivity and competitiveness in regard to its competitors.

In spite of these limitations, I have tried my best to pinpoint various findings of this company. I, therefore, hope that the study will be evaluated subject to the recognition of the above limitation.


As I complete MBA program major in HRM from department of Management Studies, University of...

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