Project Leadership Roles at TriHealth

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The generation of projects within an organization can be considered one of the most important methods that an organization can use to reach their strategic goals. When projects are created and/or generated the roles needed for the project are identified and filled to meet the needs of the human resource project. The organization of Tri Health oversees the responsibilities of similar health facilities and hospitals. Due to the growth of TriHealth the need for defined roles and responsibilities for projects was implemented to ensure the best quality assurance for all parties involved. In every aspect of project management there are a vary of goals and if there are not policies and procedures in place total dysfunction can take control. The structure and size of the organizations project can determine how it is organized. Within any project there are executive, managerial and associate level roles in regards to a human resource project (Bezak & Nahod, 2011). Throughout this paper the common roles of an HR project, the functions of those roles, the result of shared responsibilities, and the long/short term effects to the organization.

Identifying the common roles in a Human Resource Project; Analyze these roles to typical HR functions An organization can have projects of various sizes that have different policies and procedures on how the people are utilized. Within smaller project little or no structure may be needed for that organization. There might be one sponsor/stakeholder, project manager and a core project team. The functions of these roles have different levels, yet within a project they work together once there is a successful completion. Within a project, a sponsor is a person or a number of people that provide financial backing for the project. A sponsor can determine the outcome of a project and at times they perform various tasks in regards for any given project, i.e., the sponsor can support the project and mentor the project manager;...

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