Loans & Advances of Dhaka Bank

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Report on Procudure for Distributing Loans and Advance at Dhaka Bank

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[pic][pic]1. a. Introduction
Internship program is a pre-requisite for acquiring M.B.A. degree. Before completion of the degree, a student must, undergo the Internship program. As the classroom discussion alone cannot make a student perfect in handling the real business situation, therefore, it is an opportunity for the students to know about the real life situation through this program. The program consists of three phases: 1.    The orientation of the Intern with the organization, its function and performance. 2.  The project work pertaining to a particular problem or problems matching with the Intern’s area of specialization and organizational requirement. 3.   The report writing to summarize the Intern’s analysis, findings and achievements in the proceeding of the followings. 1. b. Objectives of the Report:

The report has two objectives:
1.     General Objective
2.     Specific Objective

1) General objectives of the report:

The general objective of the report is to complete the internship. As per requirement of MBA program of Chittagong University, a student need to work in a business organization for two months to acquire practical knowledge about real business operations of a company.

2) Specific objective of the report:

The specific objective of this report is to find and analyze the Credit facilities (its outstanding, recovery, classified loans etc), approval and monitoring process of Dhaka Bank Limited, Local office. It will also include gathering an idea about the securities behind the loan facilities and issuing different bank guarantees. The detail objectives of my study are as follows- •  To access the credit structure of banks in practice. •  To measure the effectiveness of the selected banks in utilization of their available deposit and resources. •  To identify the relationship with their customers. •  To identify the loan recovery performances of the selected banks. •  To find out the deposit utilization problems.

•  To find out the implementation of credit risk management policy of the selected banks. •  To find out the implementation of the credit risk grading manual of Bangladesh bank by the selected banks. • To find out the unsound credit according to the credit risk management policy. 1.c. Methodology

Methodology of the study:
This report is mainly prepared by the secondary sources of information & some few primary sources of information like – ☻ Direct observation.
☻ Information discussion with professionals.
☻ Questioning the concerned persons.
The secondary sources of my information -
☻ Annual reports of DBL.
☻ Credit rating report of DBL by credit rating information & services limited. ☻ Desk report of the related department.
☻ Credit manual information.
☻ Different reference books of the library.
☻ Some of my course elements as related to this report.
1.d .Scope of the study:
This report will cover an organizational overview of Dhaka bank. It will give a wide view of the different stages of credit appraisal system of Dhaka bank, starting from the loan application to Loan disbursement and the comparison between standard and existing credit appraisal system of a Bank. The study is organized as follows: •  Credit profile of the selected banks.

•  Loan recovery.
•  The nature of default.
•  Credit management and guidelines.
•  Analysis of the findings and recommendation.
1.e. Limitations
There are some limitations I had to face while preparing this report. It is very difficult to collect some of the important data and information. There is some information very secret and the Bank didn’t want to provide this information. But this information may help to build a good report. Another limitation is...
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