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HOW TO USE 1. Extract the RAR files. 2. If your OS is Windows 7 or 8 Disable UAC(User Account Control) 3. Run Fuji Trainer as Administrator 4. Right Click on trainer to show Strip Menu then Click Start Cabal

OTHER HOTKEY  Home key = show/hide menu  Alt + f4 = force close cabal SUPPORT - Windows XP/Vista/Seven/Eight SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS - For Win XP .NET Framework 2.0.50727.42 TRAINER FEATURES  Perfect Combo - Combo value will freeze into 1, so the gauge range value will not change.  Count Combo - Combo will be countable until you stop.  No Skill Delay - Make rapid attack on BM3 - Take note: Spamming many skill to fast will cause of DC  No Casting Time skill - Best to use in grinding using Arrow skill and set value to 600 - Take note: Spamming many skill to fast will cause of DC  Change Level - This is only use for Chaos Arena, just set value into required level bracket. - Degrading level only, otherwise you can’t enter into Chaos Arena.  Change Nation - Choose nation what you want. - If you want to view equipment, just change your nation into GM.  Wall hack

  

- You can use this in all maps. - by activating wallhack you can hide/move through walls - Use Roll Over Skill to pass through wall Restore Wall - All wall of entire map, will restored normally - Activating it while you’re inside in a wall, will return you into starting point/Base Kill Gate - You will be able to hit Gate inside the dungeon. - You can use Roll Over Skill to pass through gate. No Cooldown Attack A and B - Disable cooldown of BM3 Attack A and B - activating it while attacking may cause of auto close Unlimited BM3 Attack - You can use BM3 Attack in Normal Mode, No SP Required but for PK ONLY - activating it while attacking may cause of auto close Class Rank - You can use BM3 Skill Book, just set value to 20 and change channel then activate skill book. Zoom Hack - It’ll zoom out the camera into top view mode. Premium - This...
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