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The nursing process is used to support models such as the Roper Logan and Tierney’s activities of daily living (ALs) in order to ensure effective care is provided for each individual patient. Other models such as Roy’s adaptation model and Peplau’s person centred approach can also be used however I feel in Albert’s situation using the ALs model will be most appropriate. According to Aggleton and Chalmers (2000) the nursing process encourages the nurse and the person being cared for to set goals. These goals may be short term, intermediate or long term in nature. The first stage of the nursing process is assessment. In relation to Albert a nurse would focus on a main issue being smoking. Albert’s heavy smoking is affecting his breathing and Albert is becoming breathless at times. The nest stage of the NP is planning. Albert’s condition is causing breathlessness; in order to improve his breathing a method could be implemented for him to stop smoking. The World Health Organisation (WHO) states; “Smoking cessation is the single and most effective and cost-effective way to reduce the risk of developing COPD and stop its progression Referral to the smoking cessation team would provide him the opportunity to use alternatives such as electronic cigarettes or nicotine patches/gums in order to make stop smoking a gradual goal to achieve.”. Lastly the care plan will be implemented and Albert’s progress will be closely monitored. As the Nursing Process.Org (2013) states; ‘Once all nursing intervention actions have taken place, the nurse completes an evaluation to determine of the goals for patient wellness have been met’. In relation to Albert Over a period of time his care plan will be evaluated by the nurse and any further support needed will be identified and further care plans will be made in order to ensure Albert’s Is receiving the appropriate holistic care.

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Aggleton, P. and Chalmers, H. (2000) Nursing models and nursing practice. 2nd ed. Hampshire:...
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