Chiba International

Topics: Culture, Japan, Cross-cultural communication Pages: 4 (1377 words) Published: February 24, 2015

Chiba International is an American subsidiary of a Japanese company: Chiba Electronics.

Chiba International is based in San Jose, California and has 70% of market share in the United States. They manufacture and sell high-quality electronics parts for integrated circuits.

Chiba counts 14 out of the 24 top executives and 65 out of the 70 salesmen which are American.

Japanese and American cultures are very different and the way to run a business is very different too.

In this case study, we can see many differences between both cultures like for instance the fact that American leave work earlier if they could but Japanese workers tend to stay later to finish work.

Daily meetings are held at the beginning of each shift with all employees. These meetings are an opportunity for everybody to attend firstly but also to exchange and everybody is free and ever more encourage to speak and share information, problem, troubles… These meetings are not obligatory and with time almost everybody attend today to these frequently meetings.

One very important point we can highlight from these meetings is that they strongly increase teamwork and team atmosphere

Sales force:
The American sales force is very particular and use in this company. Indeed, the word « sales » means in fact Sincerity, Ability, Love, Energy, Service which is pretty much appreciated by everyone in the company and also outside the company like for instance by the customers or suppliers. In other words, the honesty and sincerity are part of the philosophy of Chiba, and the customers are very glad of this philosophy. In addition, there is no commission basis according to the sales so no real competition inside the salespersons in the company which is a good point for the atmosphere.

U.S. Management:
This point is a little different between the two cultures. Indeed, U.S. executives tend to push through their family before work and it’s the contrary for...
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