FTO Program

Topics: Police, Police training officer, Responsibility Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: November 1, 2014
The Process of the implementing a field training officer program into the law enforcement system is a simply a good idea. It gives the new officers in depth training period that accompanies the training that they receive in the academy. The FTO program is normally put into place at the conclusion of a new officers training right before they are a solo beat officer. The training on average last anywhere from fourteen weeks to twenty weeks of more intensive on the job training along with a performance evaluation each day. Until the new officer is completed with their training they will be accompanied by their Field Training Officer and/or the training sergeants anytime that they are on duty. Field Training Officers have dual responsibilities in additions to their regular police duties. They are responsible for training and evaluations of the new officer to go along with being on their assigned beats. The Officers being evaluated are required to meet upwards to 30 performance categories that they need to be meet before solo duty is approved. Officers that meet the standards at the end of the program are then recommended for retention as permanent employees and those that do not meet the requirements are either extended their probationary period or terminate employment with the department. Some of the responsibilities of the Field Training Officer is to train and evaluated all new officers, to help them achieve a 90% success rate of the officer, the training officer is to be a role model for the new officer/s, the Field Training Officer is to be a evaluator/counselor to the new officer, the FTO has a direct input whether the new officer is granted retention or is terminated. As a counselor the FTO needs to be there to answer any questions that the new officer may have and to provide constructive criticism on how to improve their performance. The FTO is to be a supervisor to an extent to the new officer, meaning that he is to direct the new officer in work...
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