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  • officer men relationship

    It is the soldier‚ not the reporter‚ who has given us the freedom of the press. It is the soldier‚ not the poet‚ who has given us the freedom of speech. It is the soldier‚ not the campus organizer‚ who gives us the freedom to demonstrate. It is the soldier who salutes the flag‚ who serves beneath the flag‚ and whose coffin is draped by the flag‚ who allows the protester to burn the flag.1 The last time the Indian soldier featured prominently in the collective consciousness of the nation was when

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  • Nuclear officer

    Becoming a naval officer would allow me to fulfill a duty to serve my country‚ just as my ancestors once did. It would allow me to become the leader I was born to be‚ and the leader I am called to become. Being a Naval officer is certainly not an easy task‚ and is a task that not many get to do. Naval officers are the best of the best‚ therefore only the elite get the privilege to serve their country as one. For many it has been a family tradition or a lifelong dream that has led them to

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  • Merchant Marine and Deck Officer

    Board for Marine Deck Officers Code of Ethics Article I GENERAL PROVISION The Merchant Marine Deck Officer has a moral obligation and social responsibility to practice his profession according to a Code of Ethics and Conduct. Every Merchant Marine Deck Officer shall regard the Code of Ethics as a way of life which has its foundation in Honesty‚ Truth‚ Justice‚ Integrity‚ and Love of the Country‚ not as a set of rules which should strictly be observed. Professionalism is the keystone

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  • Probation Officer

    Probation Officer Requirements If you ’ve ever wanted to know how to become a probation officer‚ keep reading find a job description‚ probation officer job requirements‚ online education and training‚ and general salary information for this popular career. Probation Officer Job Description Probation officers and parole officers are often lumped together when people think about them. They do have some common duties‚ such as working within the corrections system and being employed by county

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  • Probation Officers

    Probation officers work with criminal offenders‚ some of whom may be dangerous. They also monitor offenders to prevent them from committing new crimes. Workers in this occupation must meet many court-imposed deadlines and also travel‚ especially if they work in rural areas. Probation officers usually have to have a bachelor’s degree‚ but the requirement varies by agency. Officers who work in the probation system have various duties that keep their job busy. They evaluate offenders to determine

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  • Police Officers

    A police officer’s duty is to maintain public order‚ preventing‚ and detecting crime. The concept of police officers‚ also known as cops‚ and law enforcement has been around ever since the ancient Romans had a theory that an organization of "peacekeepers" would reduce the crime and violence being committed. This theory stuck with society and is still around today. People of law enforcement have a mission when they step into their police car‚ that mission is to enforce the rules of conduct or law

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  • A Career As A Fire Prevention Officer

    Being a fire prevention officer you must possess such characteristics as being honest and having integrity. Admit and take time to correct your mistakes and assume personal responsibility for your actions‚ conduct your duties in such a manner that shows your confidence and respect for your position. Having confidentiality is a must in this profession‚ recognize and respect whatever you see‚ hear‚ or learn that may be confident in nature. Fire prevention officers are respectful and courteous

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  • A Memorable Journey as an SSG Officer

    A journey worth remembering I have been an SSG officer for three years. SSG Senator for the first two years but this year‚ the third one and of course my last‚ it’s all different. Being one of the council’s eight major officers‚ being one of those the lower years’ officers look up to made this year’s service much harder yet challenging. At first‚ it was hard for me to adjust in regard with our works. We were always excused from classes and I wasn’t used to that but as time passed by

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  • Probation Officer

    Probation officer jobs involve providing supervision to persons who have been placed on probation by the courts. Many first time offenders who have been convicted of a crime are placed on probation rather than sentenced to a prison term. The goal of probation officers is to monitor the acidity of offenders so that they do not engage in any further criminal behavior. Probation officers provide this oversight by meeting regularly with the offender as well as family members. Rather than requiring offenders

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  • police officer

    job was about‚ but then I looked it up and realize that I was just joking to myself. Going on into middle and high school I was still confused on what I wanted to be‚ until I went down to a police academy and seen what was being done. These police officers were very serious about their job and their motives were to keep the crime out and put the good in people that were willing to change or comprehend on things. They weren’t here to just be here and look cute with a uniform but they had a purpose to

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