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Topics: Motivation, Police, Patrol Pages: 3 (664 words) Published: November 29, 2014

Case Study: Captain Edith Strong
Captain Strong has several patrol officers that are dissatisfied with their jobs. They are feeling overwhelmed by the excessive workload, they are unable to complete their preliminary investigations and often have to cut corners on their shift. They are rarely allowing to socialize with other officers because they patrol alone and are not allowing to take a lunch break with more than one officer at one specific location (More, Chapter 6, 2012). They are having difficulty feeling like they are making a difference with their role in the police department. Captain Strong has several options of approaches on how to address these issues. It is imperative to the success of any police department to ensure their officers are motivated by the work they do. This motivation ensures they duties are performed appropriately, which helps to establish trust within the community. The philosophical approach Captain Strong should consider taking is the deontology approach. The deontology approach relates to the relationship between duty and the morality of human actions ("Encyclopedia Britannica", 2014). She has an obligation of duty to hear her employee’s concerns and frustration and a moral obligation to improve them. One major concern is that complaints are on a rise. This could be a direct reflection of the attitudes the officers carry due to their feeling of dissatisfaction within the department. Creating a program that allows officers to patrol with another officer can help to alleviate this issue. Having a true partner during shift can motivate officers to complete their duties on a more satisfactory level. This will also help with the excessive workload the officers are overwhelmed by.

One motivational strategy Strong should consider is the content theory of motivation. This theory tries to explain the motivators’ people have that causes them to behave certain ways in relation to their work (More, Chapter 6, 2012). This will help...
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