Edith Strong Case Study

Topics: Motivation, Police, Police officer Pages: 4 (1185 words) Published: February 23, 2014
Edith Strong has been appointed as a Captain of her department; however, there have been some problems within the department to adhere her new job responsibilities. One of her responsibility is to uplift the morale and improve the work conditions with police officers and personnel. Patrol officers are dissatisfied with the working condition because his or her complaints are working alone and nor getting management support, community filing complaints against officers, the department morale is low and less time is conducted on a investigating a crime. To understand the philosophical approach, ERG theory, job enlargement or enrichment to be applicable. What philosophical approach do you believe Captain Strong should take in carrying out this project?

Identify the problem from the least important to the most effective importance. Usually this will help to participate what is going on within the department. Recognize the negative feedback from other officer and follow up with a plan by motivating the officers with some positive feedback and ideas on how to make the department better. Set a goal for each officer and contact specialize department management team on how he or she improve the morale of the department. With that said it is best for management should share the power rather than exercising power, because the police department would be stronger and consistent. Officers get discourage of patrolling the streets because of understaff what Strong can do is to alleviate the stress by hiring more officers and pair them up in two’s, this will help the staff to be more motivated with his or job without them getting frustrated with the job, citizens, and coworkers.

What specific motivational strategies would you recommend that she consider? Allow patrol officers to reciprocal his or her relationship awhile on duty that would reduce the pressures on the excessive amount of service calls. In law enforcement, communication is the key to any uniformed...
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