Fruit Juice Industry

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This article is about the beverage. For other uses, see Juice (disambiguation).A glass of orange juice.Juice is a liquid that is naturally contained in fruit and vegetables. It can also refer to liquids that are flavored with these or other biological food sources such as meat and seafood. It is commonly consumed as a beverage or used as an ingredient or flavoring in foods.Juice is prepared by mechanically squeezing or macerating fruit or vegetable flesh without the application of heat or solvents. For example, orange juice is the liquid extract of the fruit of the orange tree, and tomato juice is the liquid that results from pressing the fruit of the tomato plant. Juice may be prepared in the home from fresh fruit and vegetables using a variety of hand or electric juicers. Juice is one of the most popular drinks to go with breakfast in the morning.Many commercial juices are filtered to remove fiber or pulp, but high-pulp fresh orange juice is a popular beverage.Common methods for preservation and processing of fruit juices include canning, pasteurization, concentrating,[1] freezing, evaporationand spray drying.Indian Fruit Juice MarketIndian fruit juice market is an unorganized and newly developing market. Only recently this sector is getting more organized and attracting more players in the market. Though the unorganized corner shop vendors dominate this market, Indian consumers are moving towards branded fruit juice because of their improvement in health consciousness. Market Segmentation:There has been no general acceptance of the product forms in the fruit beverage market. The consumer is basically concerned if it is a fruit juice or synthetically constituted product. Product segmentation, therefore, should be clearly delimited. * Under the fruit drinks the first segmentation is between real fruit drinks and synthetic drinks. * The real fruit drinks are based on natural fruit pulp or juice. * The synthetic drinks are synthetic products with fruit or other flavors. * Broad taste preferences could be another way to define the market. The market is at present also segmented on the basis of fruit pulp content. For the purpose of segmentation, on the basis of fruit pulp content. For the purpose of segmentation, on the basis of fruit pulp content, market can be segmented as: * Fruit juice with pulp content more than 80%. Brands falling in this category are Onjus, Real, Tropicana, etc. * Fruit Nectar with pulp content between 40% to *0%. Life and X’s come in this category. * Fruit Drinks with pulp content less than 40%. Frooti and Jumpin are the popular brands in this category. * Segmentation could also be on the basis of the benefits provided to the consumer: * One benefit could be the nutrition content it gives to the consumer so one market could be the health-conscious segment. * Second benefit is thirst quenching, so the other segment could be those buying the drink or nectar for satisfying the thirst. * Another very broad segmentation can be on the type of situation in which the drink or nectar is used: * People who are on the move i.e. Outdoor use e.g. those traveling. * People who are using it on the breakfast table as a part of their menu i.e. in-house use. Players very often choose one or more of such segmentations to differentiate their product and target market and accordingly plan their distribution and promotion patterns. | |


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Dabur's Foods division pioneered the concept of packaged fruit juices in India way back in 1997. Realising the potential of processed & packaged food industry in India (4th largest in the world), it successfully established brands in a market where the barrier to accept packaged food is high, and the fledging processed food industry was in a nascent stage in...
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