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Mohan Explanatory Synthesis Prompt
· Total possible points: 100
· Due Date: 2/20/13 Midnight through Blackboard
· Length: 4 pages
· Purpose: Information
· Audience: General educated audience
· Word choice: Formal
· Third person essay
This paper satisfies one of the goals of this course. Once you complete this paper, you will acquire skills that you will be able to use when working with multiple sources for your other general education courses.
After writing the Explanatory Synthesis paper, you will be able to achieve the following objectives:
1. Synthesize pertinent ideas from two sources in each paragraph.
2. Paraphrase the ideas from sources accurately.
3. Acknowledge ideas from sources through in-text citations.
4. Write accurate works cited section following the MLA format.

Readings: Topic: "What are the Ethical Costs of Putting Food on Our Tables?" EA pages 575-619. Authors: Pollan, Astyk and Newton, Brady, Lappe, Rodriguez et al., and Holt-Gimenez. Read all the six articles. You have to incorporate all these readings and write an explanatory synthesis paper. You can leave out the short one about food deserts if it does not support your thesis. All the major readings should be used to support your ideas.
· After you read the articles, you must complete the preparation sheet.
· Then you should explore the patterns that you see. The patterns will reveal the way the authors present their ideas about the topic. You will find ideas that are similar; you will also find different ways in which the authors approach the topic.
· Your task in this paper is to write a synthesis of the ideas of these authors by explaining and analyzing their points.
· The purpose of the paper is to provide accurate information about the ideas presented in these articles.
· You do not take a stand in this paper.
· Introduction: Introduce the topic-add opening sentences that capture the attention of the

Citations: = 5 Grammar = 10

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