Jamba Juice Case Study

Topics: Advertising, Jamba Juice, World Wide Web Pages: 4 (1259 words) Published: October 11, 2011
CASE STUDY Jamba Juice
The Brief Jamba Juice is a specialist vendor of healthy blended beverages, juices and snacks, with over 600 franchised and company retail outlets in California and over 20 other states. The company wished to carry out a classic promotion: to drive visitors to its stores over the course of a two week campaign with a “BOGO” (Buy one get one free) beverage offer. The Approach Guided by digital advertising agency Xylem CCI’s media agent, JL 360, Jamba Juice decided to conduct a pure online campaign. This campaign was targeted primarily at women, who predominate among Jamba Juice’s customers. 24/7 Real Media was chosen by Xylem CCI and JL 360 to be the digital advertising partner. The resulting campaign included multiple creative variants in different banner formats. All of these creatives invited the viewer to click through to a Web page where they could print out a coupon—unique to this campaign—with which to claim their BOGO. The campaign began on June 19, 2007. A target of 100,000 coupon redemptions over a 14-day period was set, with coupons expiring at the end of the campaign. The resulting ads were served on a run of network (RON) basis across the 24/7 Global Web Alliance network of over 950 Web sites. They were targeted geographically, aiming mainly towards California as well as the other regional markets where Jamba Juice operates. As women were a main target market, Jamba Juice could reach these potential female customers through 24/7 Real Media’s Women’s Interest vertical channel. People who visited Jamba Juice’s own site at one point and then later browsed the Internet were then also served additional “retargeted” ads when they visited any of the Web sites on the Web Alliance. As well as regular inpage banners, page load ads were used, in which a full page ad pops up while the user’s requested page is loading. The campaign was also supported with a limited outreach of 62,000 branded outbound emails to untested subscribers within...
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