Business Studies Business Report Sushine Fruit Juice HSC 2012

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Business Report – Sunshine Fruit Juice

Sunshine Fruit Juices employs 100 people in its Queensland factory and supplies juice to large supermarket chains in Asia and North America. Customers have recently complained that the product has been damaged and bottles have been wrongly labelled. An increase in industrial disputes has also occurred due to a number of recent workplace accidents and demands from employees for higher wages.

You have been employed by Sunshine Fruit Juices to prepare a report for management on the issues outlined above. In your report, recommend strategies for human resources and operations that the firm could implement to improve its business performance.

1. Executive Summary
This report aims to address strategies for human resource and operations to improve Sunshine Fruit Juice’s business performance. Sunshine Fruits Juice is faced with issues such as damaged bottles, mislabelled bottles and an increased number of industrial disputes. It is highly recommended for Sunshine Fruit Juice to implement the strategies discussed in this report to improve customer and worker satisfaction, which will increase potential sales and the overall business performance.

2. Human Resource
Sunshine Fruit Juice has been experiencing an increase in industrial disputes due to workplace accidents and demands from employees for higher wages. Industrial disputes and workplace accidents are indicators of ineffective human resource management. The industrial disputes affect Sunshine Fruit Juice’s efficiency and productivity, therefore strategies such as rewards, training and development and dispute resolution should be implemented effectively to improve Sunshine Fruit Juice’s overall business performance. 2.1. Rewards

Rewards management is a key strategy in attracting, motivating and retaining employees. Rewards are either monetary or non-monetary. Employees of Sunshine Fruit Juice have been demanding higher wages creating industrial disputes....
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