Surprise Under the Carpet at Northern Sigma

Topics: Management, Conflict, Leadership Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: April 27, 2012
1.Based on the information generated by the interviews with the two different groups, what have you learnt about this plant? What I have learnt about this particular plant is the fact that the workers are not in harmony with each other. They also tend to assume things as per the behaviors of the other groups for instance the white male groups tend to think that or rather assume that these women and disadvantaged groups feel that not only were they left out of important task forces but were required to be ten times better than their white counterparts in order to be promoted (Robbins, et al. 2011). Midrand plant employees have no communication channels whatsoever with their senior management and this is rather obvious by the reaction seen on Peter Barnes once the results of the interview have been given.

2.What may have led to these problems?
There are a number of factors that may have led to the problems currently being experienced in this plant for instance lack of motivation and training especially for women and disadvantaged groups, lack of proper communication channels and directions from the top management to the workers and vice versa as well as lack of conflict management skills (Robbins, et al. 2011). It is clear that conflict exists between the workers thus resulting in poor performance. And despite the fact that majority of employers are highly educated there are no programs offered for enhancement of skills for these employees which makes them stagnant in a business world that is forever changing and in need of new and unique business skills (Robbins, et al. 2011).

3.What consequences are likely to emanate from these problems? Such problems as experienced by this plant result in a number of consequences for instance not being able to keep and maintain workers. Those already experiencing conflict within this plant are pressured into quitting as revealed from the interview results with the case of women and disadvantaged groups by the...
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