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Front Office Organization Chart


General Manager
As a hotel manager duties vary depending on the size and type of hotel, but may include: planning and organizing accommodation, catering and other hotel services; promoting and marketing the business; managing budgets and financial plans as well as controlling expenditure.

Assistant Manager
Assistant hotel managers are in charge of overseeing all the events, activities and operations in a hotel. They make all the necessary decisions needed in their assigned division and ensure all hotel rules and policies are implemented. Assistant hotel managers monitor the tasks of personnel and workers, set goals and plans to promote and improve the service of their department; and are tasked to give schedules and assignment to each worker. They handle client’s complaints and compliments about their department; and make sure that events are well organized. Sometimes, assistant hotel managers also welcome guests and customers as they enter the hotel. They assist the hotel manager in ensuring the security of their guests and the entire hotel or hotel department.

Front Office Manager
Often a guest's first impression of a property is the result of the Front Office Manager´s skills and abilities. The Front Office Manager provides many guest services and works in the lobby or reception areas of hotels, motels, resorts and other accommodation facilities

Night Auditor
In addition to the accounting function, night auditors may also be required to perform the typical front desk functions during the grayshifted. These functions include check-in, check-out, reservations, responding to guest complaints, coordinating housekeeping requests, and handling any emergencies that may arise.Night auditors may work alongside a security officer to maintain a level of security during late-night hours for both night staff and guests

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