Solving Complain and Walk Away Guest Senario

Topics: Hotel, Problem solving, Hospitality industry Pages: 2 (616 words) Published: October 18, 2008
Title: Solving complain and walk away guest

Ms An, the guest. She just gets off the plane, she is tired. •Miss Eva, the assistant manager of front office. She worked in the hotel for 5 years. She is kind and willing to solve problems and complains. •Miss Diane, the receptionist. She is kind and has enthusiasms towards the work, but don’t have much experience in hospitality industry. Problem: Ms An comes to the hotel reception in the afternoon, she has guaranteed reservation, and wants a room immediately, but the hotel is unable to give her a room because the hotel is full already. Setting: in a 5 star hotel reception

How It Starts: The guest comes into the hotel (looks tired), ask the receptionist to give her a room which has been confirmed…
What Happens Next:

The receptionist (smile, Greeting the guest)
Good afternoon, Madam, welcome to XX hotel, how may I help you? The guest (take out the confirmation letter and show to the receptionist) Yes, my name is An, I had a reservation for standard room for 2 nights, and here is the confirmation letter, I would like to have my room as soon as possible, u know, after a such a long flight… The assistant manager (stand in the lobby and check the facilities, adjust the light etc) The receptionist (check the computer for the reservation and room available) Ms An, we do have your reservation from today to Tuesday, and the deposit for these 2 days. But unfortunately, our hotel is fully booked already. We do sincerely apologize for this… The guest (interrupt by the guest, the guest is become angry, voice increase) But I have paid already and your hotel already gave me the confirmation letter, u sees that! (Point to the letter), now you say I can’t get the room! How could this happen brabra…… The assistant manager (hears the conflict and come to the reception, smile) Good afternoon Ms An, I am the assistant manager; my name is Eva, nice to meet you. The guest (still angry)

You are the assistant...
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