Four Types of Managers

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In this case it identified 4 types of managers and designing elegant solutions to typical problems with helpful development. They set yearlong program that the administration process is like the top business school. This program included coaching, mentoring, observing others, hands-on management experience, and training classes backed up by regular feedback sessions. During this training program, about 20% of the participants in the program are reluctant leaders, only 10% of the participants fall in to the arrogant leaders category, roughly 25% are unknown leaders and fully 45% are workaholics.

How to define these 4 types managers:
The Reluctant Leader
The characteristic of reluctant leader is lack of confidence. It embedded in many aspects such as indecisiveness, risk aversion, and the tendency to avoid conflict. The way to make them strong is training them in decision-making and conflict management, and give them steady doses of encouragement. Julie, as the typical example of reluctant leader who has negative assumptions about leadership. In this situation, a mentor created a series of hypothetical problems for her to handle and asked Julie to make and justify decisions about everyday call-center dilemmas. When she made correct decision, the mentor give positive encourage to her. This progress make Julie became more confidence and positive. The Arrogant Leader

The arrogant leader is defined as brazen. They overcompensate for their self doubt by convincing themselves and ambitious self-marketers who rise quickly to the top. They lack empathy and humility common in effective leaders. Steve is an extremely competitive and technically competent customer-service team leader. He believes his own capability and even saying he could do any management job. He also thought his colleagues love work with him. But the feedback from others was,...
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