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The Role of Leadership: Effecting Change
“Leadership is complex phenomenon involving the reader, the followers, and the situation” (Hughes, 4). Being a leader means taking control and thinking creative. Leaders must have an insight and must be willing to take on challenges. Leaders should build a work environment where employees are encouraged to express themselves, and seek different opportunities. Having self-awareness, being firm and direct are aspects of a leader. Leaders have to demonstrate many different skills both positive and negative. Being a leader means accepting criticism, guiding others to success is and adapting to change no matter what the challenge is. Being a leader, you can’t show fear. Fear sometimes comes because of change. To be successful, you have to be open to new and better things in the work environment. Change is a way of life and growth that should allow us to go forth. Dealing with change can be very difficult at its best. Changes in the workplace affect everyone; as a supervisor and manager, they face the challenges of change. Getting employees on board with those changes can be a difficult task because of their fear of losing power. Employees face challenges as well, but there challenge is more of a change in habit. This takes them some time to get used to because they have been doing that task a certain way for years versus the way others are trying to implement now. Change is all about what is right for the company so it can go further and beyond. It is the management’s responsibility to make this transition least traumatic as possible for all parties involved. Even though change can be a continuous, long, never ending process, it is possible to implement change. Change is often given because of the affairs of the company, new goals have been given created or because something different needs to happen with the company. Change is not always bad and not always good. The Webster Dictionary says “Change (transitive verb) to...
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