Art of Leadership Syllabus

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the art of leadership WINTER - spring 2013

Instructor Email Office hours

Marc Idelson Tuesdays 5:25-5:55 p.m

The prime objective of this course is to acquaint students with the topic of leadership.

This course delivers a balanced blend of behavior theory and business practice. Each unit teaches central concepts and skills in an important area of leadership development. The course is made more valuable and the impact greater by the self-evaluation questionnaires and practical exercises that are used for personal development and class involvement. Learning will actively involve the student. Concepts, principles and skills of leadership are introduced in a way that is appropriate for both new and experienced leaders, as well as for the everyday person who must influence others to get things done. The course’s goal is for students to develop their full potential as leaders and to become the kind of leader they always wanted to have. The interactive, seminar approach to learning encourages hands-on development of one's personal leadership skills through real-world examples and interactive learning activities that bridge the gap between theory and practice. The course includes multiple leadership exercises, and the professor encourages students to share the activities beyond the classroom as part of their personal development. Depending on the mix, experience and motivation of enrolled students, course adjustments may be carried out.

Students are individually assessed. The individual final grade is a composite of exercises, participation, essays, and exams. The individual final grade is composed of: - Exercises: 40% - Essays and exams: 30% - Participation: 30% All detected indication of potential ethical misconduct will be investigated and any may be potentially prosecuted by PHBS.

Tentative Schedule
Session Theme Week
February 26th & March 1st 3:30-5:20 C104 March 5th & 8th 3:30-5:20 C104 March...
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