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Managers within the workplace are all different when it come to how they develop and lead their employees within the company so it ca be successful. Each manager has to utilize as well as determine what some of the different skills, techniques, and styles they will use in order to help properly lead their employees within the workplace. In order to establish some real world techniques used by managers in the workplace today, two different mangers were interview to help gain their perspective of leadership that is implemented where they work. First the paper starts off with information about each manger in terms of where they work, what they do, the department they're positioned in, and who they directly report to. Next, some brief information about each company the managers work at is given followed by a discussion of the leadership behaviors exhibited by each manger. Then some of the differences and similarities of each manger is discussed utilizing leadership theories as well as models to highlight the different leadership styles displayed by them. Finally, different moments throughout the interview that highlight critical leadership points are discussed and final information about leaders in the workplace are established. Information About the Managers

Manager 1
The first person I had the pleasure of interviewing was Eloise Hill who worked at a Restaurant called Schlotzsky's located in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota that is no loner in service. Her position title while the restaurant was in service was the Shift Manager so worked in the management department of the restaurant. So Hill was in charge of opening and closing the store, assigning some of the work hours to employees, directly supervising the employees, and taking care of any customer issues as needed. She directly reported to the Head Manager of Schlotzsky's named. She took all of her orders from her in terms of things that needed to be done within the restaurant on a daily basis. Hill also reported anything of importance to her when it came to customer, employee, or business issues. Manager 2

The second person that I was able to interview was Mary Iverson who works at a company called Sauce Analisa located in Minneapolis, MN. Her position title is basically being one of the Lead Training Managers of many of the other employees within the company. Iverson works in the training department of the organization and she basically trains various employees on how to properly do product demonstrations for different food companies such as Wholefoods, Kowalskis, boutique stores, and co-ops. She directly reports to Lisa Oconnell, who is the Head Manager of the company. Iverson takes all of her orders from her in terms of the thins she is supposed to train other employees, how it should be trained, and for how long should the training sessions be held. She also reports many other things of importance to her such as how the training of employees are going, is it effective, and if the employees are demonstrating a certain willingness to want to learn or be trained. Information About the Companies

The Schlotzsky's Company
The schlotzsky's Company was founded in 1971 in Austin Texas and its menu only consisted of one delicious sandwich that was basically, “composed of a unique combination of premium meats, cheeses, and marinated black olives served on hot Schlotzsky's sourdough bread” (Website). It started off as a small restaurant on South Congress Avenue in the state of Texas and has developed into a international franchise restaurant chain 40 years later. Furthermore, it has various different locations in over 30 different states and it also has a few locations in foreign countries as well. As the company continues to grow, it recognizes that their customers tastes have evolved, which is why they've implemented creative new menus. They contuse to sell the very first sandwich that used to be the only one on their menu as well as other things such as...
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