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Dr. Montessori defined four stages of development and labeled them as four planes of development. Within these stages, development is intense at the beginning, consolidates and then tapers to the next. 1st and 3rd planes are period of intense creation, while 2nd and 4th planes are calm periods of consolidation.

Each plane is approximately six years and has its own special characteristics as follows: 1. FIRST PLANE OF DEVELOPMENT : (0-6)

The first plane of development is from birth to six years. It is further divided into two sub-planes from Birth to 3 (0-3), the “Unconscious Absorbent Mind’ and from 3-6, the “Conscious Absorbent Mind’. During the first plane of development a child has unique, natural ability to learn unconsciously. The natural motivation to learn creates a certain enthusiasm within a child that it promoted will remain a part of the individual throughout life.

The first plane of development is the crucial time in the life of a child. During this period, a child experience significant physical and psychological growth.

More learning takes place at this stage of life than during other. Children began to acquire language, develop Cognitive and Motor skills.

During this period, children undergo a series of ‘Sensitive Periods’ This is the time of innate learning developing language skills, urges to sit up, crawl and walk. Different sensitive period takes place at this stage as sensitive period for movement, language, order, music, small objects, grace and courtesy, refinement of the senses, reading and writing.

At the time of 0-3, Children are ‘Sensorial Explorers”. Here children are in the process of creating themselves. They have to create their language, co-ordinate their movement. Before the age of Six, a Child creates themselves as an INDIVIDUAL.

During 1st plane of development, the child has many needs, he/she needs love and acceptance, respect and understanding, warmth & protection. The child has a need for security, order as much freedom and independence. At this time, a prepared environment should be provided to allow the child to explore and experience purposeful activities with an intelligent purpose.

At this time, there should be two-three environments, first two months, the child should be with her mother to build and strengthen child/mother bond. It is ideal that child should be taken care of at home. From 2½-3 to 6, the child moves towards gaining independence and his/her wish is “ HELP ME TO HELP MYSELF”. In essence, a child creates what it is to be human.

Dr. Maria Montessori Says:

1st plane of development is the 2nd embryonic life. This is not in the physical sense but a spiritual life where you take on your humanity. The child’s first birth is physical and second birth is metaphysical.

In totality, child has the opportunity to engage themselves in their own development so they can:

Develop their language.
Co-ordinate their movement.
Mature their personality.
Grow in their humanity
Build their imagination.
Develop good moral character.


The second plane of development is the plane of ‘Childhood’ between the ages of 6-12 years is marked the period of relative calm and peace within the child. At this time, children are Reasoning Explorer.

It is characterized by the child’s desire for an acquisition of knowledge about the Universe. During these years Children are capable of accomplish a great deal of Mental Work. If opportunity given, they will lay up a great store of Cultural Information.

They lose their desire for physical order and develop a strong moral sense of order. They need moral order, a sense of right and wrong.

They have a very strong sense of Justice and perceived fairness and follow the rules becomes very important. They...
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