Topics: Philip II of Spain, San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Isabella II of Spain Pages: 2 (265 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Summer Program 2013 in Madrid – SPAIN

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Student Name: _____________________________________ Usually Called: _______________ Last (family) First Month/Day/Year Middle



F Date of Birth: ____/____/____

Home Address: ______________________________________________________________________________ Street and Number Apt. #

______________________________________________________________________________ City State Zip

Present School: ________________________________________ Current Grade: 7 8 9 10 11 12 What are your favourite hobbies, pastimes, and/or sports? ______________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Will you be observing any religious holidays while you are in Spain? __________________________________________________________________________ Do you have any kind of allergies? ______________________________________________________________________________

Include a small, recent and informal photograph Please, write full name on back of photo

Avda. Monasterio de El Escorial, 35 -H- 4ºB 28049 Madrid - tel: +34 637 382149 Form 4 – Personal Information and Essay

Attach to this application a typed essay. Make sure you address all of the following questions/topics. • • • • Describe your reasons for wanting to participate in this program. What might its benefits be for you? How will you contribute to the success of the program? Candidates should be open to the differences in the Spanish culture, and be willing to adapt to the Spanish way of life. Explain how you hope to meet this expectation and/or describe an experience that you have had in which you have demonstrated this openness and adaptability in a similar...
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