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Part 1 - Formal Research and Business Proposals
Part 2 - Outsourcing Effect on Leadership Performance and Employee Commitment Valerie H. Montalvo
American Intercontinental University

The purpose of this research paper is to outlines important and high level differences between the formal research and business proposals and several applications in business for both. There are differences and similarities that include the definition of the issue and the written approach to resolution. This research paper will highlight and discuss some of the commonalities and differences of formal research and a business proposal, as well as outlying how to apply each in the business environment. Both concepts are crucial and very important and there quite a bit of unfamiliarity of the business proposal and at what point is required or should be used and necessary. In addition, this paper will highlight the steps of formal research and a business proposal and how each theory works independently and in combination.

”Formal Research” v. “Business Proposal”
Formal research is a method of carefully conducting an investigation of a specific issue at hand which requires answers and prepares to deliver an optimal solution. Formal research tends to formally test and demonstrate hypothesis; whereas a business proposal is a recommendation of a detailed investigation and its purpose is to arrive at an optimal resolution or path for the specific issue at hand or situation. A The Business Proposal should always include a general description of the issue or task at hand, provide a general approach or resolution, an overall schedule or timeline, pros and cons, and budget outlining expenses. Although, business proposals and formal research are two completely unique documents, in corporate America each has its own defined purpose. According to Sekaran (2010), formal research is development one or more answer to a specific issue problem at hand, which will require careful study and analysis of the circumstances presented; whereas a business proposal is used for as a sale pitch or tool by managers to clearly define a particular idea in simple way. A business proposal is a way to provide precise details as to the task at hand and how it will work, provide an overall schedule or timeline, pros and cons, and budget outlining expenses. The business proposal should be a solid powerful sales pitch, persuasive and clear and convincing to the audience to concur with the proposal. Managers must clearly be able to differentiate between the two processes. In formal research a manager will identify a process to search for an optimal solution and the main objective to inform through logical resources, whereas business proposal is a method of gathering data and deliver a clear proposal about the specific idea to convince and persuade. The common word among formal research and business proposal is research which is simply the process of gathering information after an in depth study of the circumstances to resolve an issue (Sekaran and Bougie, 2010, p. 2). The two documents are often intertwined by the business manager and sometimes they are used interchangeably. When indeed, they are two distinct and different types of business documentation and information or data. It is obvious in the fast and ubiquitous business environment there are an enormous amount of issues that may arise on a daily basis and a business manager must be able to systematically, diligently, critically, objectively, and logically carry out effective processes and solid results. Managers must first decide what type of research is needed to begin the decision-making process and should clearly identify what type of research is required, either basic or applied research. Basic research a manager must clearly identify the understanding of the situation at hand within the organization; while applied research is required on a precise issue which the manager would...

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