Food Safety and Critical Control Points

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Hygiene Report Assignment |
This report will cover the fundamentals of HACCP and how it is used in restaurants and other sections in the hospitability industry so food can be in a safe environment and be safe at the public.| |

Christos Nicolaides|

Manchester Metropolitan University

What is HACCP?
Hazards, Analysis, Critical, Control, Points (HACCP). It is a system advanced on food safety which identify, assess and Control hazard which important for food safety. History
Everything stated in a space program in the USA from NASA. The whole rezone of doing this it was to keep astronauts away from getting food poisoning. HACCP was born after technology and research were had enough information to create a preventative system which was required to give a high level of food safety. After the finding of HACCP it was time to get in deep on details so the Pillsbury Company joined with NASA and the USA Army laboratories came up with a new system which is the same as HACCP, they call it the FMEA. It is the engineering on system failure mode effective and analysis. The System was looking how a product can fail and the food get to be poison. For example, expire date on milks. After that date the milk will fail as a product. The system made a research on until which date it will be good to serve the milk. As Mortimore S. and Wallace C. indicate in their book HACCP a practical approach second edition ‘HACCP and FMEA, are looking for hazards and what would go wrong in a product, safe sense.’ Definitions

The Hazard: on what level is possible to cause harm to an individual. It can be a significant objective like Bacteria, toxin, virus, and parasite, chemical or physical hazard. The Hazard analysis: Is the Process of collecting and evaluating information on hazards reactions on food. Which is one of the steps the seven principles of HACCP. 1) potentially hazardous raw materials

2) Identify potential hazards throughout the process, or points at which acceptable hazards could increase to an unacceptable occurring. 3) Settle on the like hood of the hazards occurring.
4) Evaluate the risk and severity of the hazards identified.

However the way of checking of a product is ready to be served are with seven principles of using the HACCP. Those are as follows:

1. Assessing the hazards and risks
* Describe the necessary characteristics. How the product can be stored, formulation and preservation, type of packaging, the future use of it. A flow diagram of the process is needed and a hazard analysis. 2. Determine/ identify the critical control points (CCPs) * Time/ Temperature, it looks at when pathogens can be destroyed. * Freezing Control, it looks when the time that pathogens can not multiply is. * Formulation, it looks ways of ingredients can affect and Ways of identifying them. i. A preventative measure must exit

ii. The process step should be specifically designed to destroy or reduce a hazard iii. A subsequent step will not eliminate or reduce the hazard

3. Establish critical limits
* When the critical control points have been identified then the next thing it will need control measures and critical limits have to be the same with special tolerances to ensure it is safe. 4. Establish procedures to monitor CCPs

* Monitoring and measuring and the results. Physical or chemical measurements and results at this point are needed to be quick so they can adjust or changes to the product. 5. Taking corrective action

* This process is based on hazard control. When they identify the problem in product may change several things, including reheating or reprocessing decreasing pH, reducing the concentration of certain ingredients or dumping the product. 6. Documenting the HACCP system

* It is important to keep records of the HACCPs system so it can detect the weaknesses in the...
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