Food Production

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Food Productions & Consumption Choices
Food is one of the most needed supplies that we all need in our daily life. And with the advances of today's technologies, we are able to produce bigger amount of food as compare to the older days. However, food production companies have taken the technology advantages to produce a massive amount of food by adding too much antibiotics and chemicals that could eventually affect the health of the consumers. Taking from the film called "Food Inc.”, it has shown us, the audiences the truth fact of the American food industry and how foods are being produce.

According to the documentation from “Food Inc.”, there are four biggest food companies in American which include: Swift, Tyson, Cargill and National Beef, and these companies have many other sub-brand names. When consumers go buy their foods at the supermarket; yes, they might know that those meats, chickens, beefs…etc are come from the farms and packed in the factories. However, not many of them know exactly how the animals (the supplies) are being treated and raised. In fact the consumers have no ideas that the food that they eat are not as healthy as it seemed to be. (Or at least not as healthy as they think it is).One of the evidences why the food from farms are not all healthy because chickens were being treated as "animal slavery", which millions of chickens were trapped in poultry house and were fed with antibiotics to increase their growing sizes. Nevertheless, it's understandable for consumers (who has not watch the film "Food Inc.") to not be aware of what they are eating because most companies want the process of their food productions to be kept in secret among themselves and the farmers. This is could consider a "manufacturing food production".

In any case of looking it at the producers/suppliers as well as the economics' perspective; profit is one of the most important factors in making any business related decision. So how can they maximize their profit...
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