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Food Inc Analysis

By AnilSubasi Jul 15, 2013 659 Words
Analysis of Food Inc.

The documentary Food Inc. brings us closer to the reality of mass produced food. The purpose of the video is to open the families, meat lovers small shops and restaurants eyes and smarten them up about how the food comes to their plates. Its also sending a message to these big companies, saying that we know what you guys are up to. The food we are buying and thinking thats healty, is actually not healty at all. During the processing of our food the big companies have absolutely no mercy to people who will slow them down or cause a problem or damage their company name. Big food companies in USA such as Tyson , McDonalds and etc. prefer efficieny of their products for human health.

People who work for these big meat companies absolutely being used as slaves. They mostly come to USA from Mexico and some other Central American contries to work for very little money and they sacrifise their lifes for that money. The jobs they get are high in danger eventhough it might be hard believe. They are working by hands not with machinery they handle very sharp and dangerous objects and materials. Also there is a chemical danger, of course when processing raw meat to keep it fresh as possible before served they use chemicals to maintain its fresh taste. This is absolutely really dangerous to human health.

Animals usually have a natural growing stage, a chicken's full growing cycle can take 65-70 days. With the help of science and technology meat producers reduce that to 45-50 days. Producers want to get these animals bigger and they want to that in a cheapest way and in a fast way. This makes the products unhealty.Many of the chickens that are in the farms of big companies never see sun light. The companies do not want media to see their food being processed and getting ready to enter the market because they know that the truth and reality of their meat will scare the customers away. The repercussions would be huge and that would significantly reduce their sales and damage their name.There are already some people that are aware of what they are eating, so organic food is really in the rise. Sales of organic food is annually increasing %20 .

Science and technology should only upgrade our foods quality, but by looking at this documentary we see that is not the case. For example tomatoes is a seasonal fruit/vegetable you are not supposed have a tomato four seasons but witht the help of science it is possible now. It is not actually a tomato but it certainly looks like one and that what it all matters when customers are buying it. It is another danger to human health. Kevin, a child has been a victim of this hungry and selfish companies who do not think any one else but their profit. Young Kevin ate a burger just like everyone else enjoying that grilled juicy meat, but if he knew that was going to be his last burger to eat , he wouldnt have eat it. After eating that burger completely healty Kevin become a really sick. First his kidneys stopped working then in 12 days he died begging to drink some water.Kevin was not the only child who was a victim of these polite murderers. There were many more children and adults who were effected by this sickness and passed away.

For big companies profits a lot of citizens have suffered and still suffering. Cheaper products seem wise but they are not the way to go. To maintain a healty and chemical free nutrition people must stick to consuming organic food. It is clear that science and technology getting ahead of people having healty food. These people need to smarten up and start to support and consume organic food and run these big companies out of business.

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