Food Habits

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This assignment explores the range of food products available in the supermarkets and convenience stores. In my first piece of research I have devised a two day menu based on the ‘Eatwell Plate’, which shows the different types of foods we need to eat and in what proportions, to have a well-balanced healthy diet. I have included both chilled ready-prepared foods and homemade recipes in my menus, and then explored the shops to research availability and pricing of the food products required. My two day menu is set out below:- Day 1Day 2

Bran FlakesBaked beans on wholemeal toast
Semi skimmed milkApple
BananaOrange juice
Orange juice
Ready prepared chicken and bacon pastaChicken and roasted vegetable fajitas Oat barMixed nuts
Sausage, sweet potato mash and vegetablesReady prepared Spaghetti Bolognese Prepared fresh fruit saladStrawberries and yoghurt

The table below breaks down each individual item required for the menu and compares the price of each product in both a superstore and convenience shop.

Day 1
Meal/Food item| Superstore (Tesco)| Convenience shop (Budgens)| Kelloggs Bran flakes 30g | 11p| 13p|
2 pint Semi skimmed milk 125ml | 20p| 19p|
Single banana| 12p| Sold out|
Orange juice 200ml| 20p| 34p|
Chilled prepared chicken and bacon pasta 250g| £1.59| £2.12| Quaker fruit and muesli bar 35g| 44p| 42p|
1 sweet potato| 35p| Unavailable|
2 pork sausages 100g| 10p| 18p|
Broccoli 80g| 16p| 20p|
Birds eye garden peas 80g| 21p| 22p|
Prepared fresh fruit salad 160g| £1.25| £1.15|

Day 2
| Superstore (Tesco)| Convenience shop (Budgens)|
Heinz baked bean 207g| 25p| 25p|
2 slices Hovis wholemeal medium bread 80g| 9p| 11p|
Gala apple| 26p| 30p|
Orange juice 200ml| 20p| 34p|
1 chicken breast 167g| £1| £1.33|
1 red pepper| 78p| 86p|
2 tortilla wrap| 30p| 45p|
1 tomato| 17p| 20p|
Mushrooms 100g| 24p| 54p|
½ iceberg lettuce| 40p| Sold out|
Colmans Fajita seasoning pack 12g| 74p| 87p|
1 red onion| 19p| 22p|
Mixed nuts 50g| 42p| 68p|
Spaghetti bolognese ready prepared meal 400g| 95p| £2.07| Strawberries 150g| £1.12| £1.50|
Muller light vanilla yoghurt 175g| 60p| 75p|

There are certain trends that have appeared comparing the pricing of the food products over the two day menu between the superstore and the convenience shop. Bar a select few items the superstore tends to be cheaper, in some circumstances a significant amount cheaper. The only three items which are cheaper in the convenience store being semi skimmed milk, fresh fruit salad and the muesli bar. The biggest comparison in price seems to be amongst the chilled ready meals. For example, purchasing the Spaghetti Bolognese meal in Tesco offers a saving of £1.12, over a 100% saving. Another example of this is the chilled ready prepared chicken and bacon salad, with Tesco offering a saving of 53p on this product over Budgens. There are a number of products which offer over a 50% saving in Tesco including mixed nuts, mushrooms, tortilla wraps and orange juice. The majority of the products are between 1p and 20p cheaper in Tesco, the gap in price tending to increase with the price of the product.

Another interesting finding was the unavailability of certain products in the convenience shop. Both the iceberg lettuce and the bananas were sold out in Budgens, products that are highly unlikely to ever be unavailable in a superstore. Also Budgens didn’t sell sweet potato, so that would have to be sacrificed on day one of the menu, for normal potatoes to be used if the homemade sausage and mash is to be cooked for dinner.

I found there were other advantages to shopping in a superstore such as Tesco. There is a much wider range of product for example in Tesco there are different qualities of product which range in price. I found...
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