Food Intake

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Food Intake

Food Intake
During my health and nutrition course, I have learned about how a bad diet can put me at risk for several diseases. Knowing that information I have decided to change my diet to help get the healthier lifestyle I need for a healthy life. In order for me to accomplish my goal I have recorded what I have eaten for the last three days on a program called iProfile. The programed is designed to assess your diet and energy balance, by comparing the amount of protein, carbohydrates, fats, and fiber to the daily amount required. The first thing the program does is have you set up a profile so it can accurately gauge what your daily intake of each nutrition category should be. The next thing is to enter in what you have eaten for the particular day that you have selected. After this step you will need to enter in your daily activities for the day. These categories can be easily entered by the search menu which has just about everything you can think of. If you cannot find it you can also enter in custom recipe ingredients and save it as a favorite. Once this is done you can now compare your daily intake with your daily intake required (DIR). The first nutritional intake I looked at was what kind of protein I ate, and if I went over the amount required. The bulk of my protein for the three days came from chicken, hamburger, and pork. Accept for the first day which was 80% of protein required, I went over the daily intake requirement. Nelson  (2013), "In fact, medical research shows that consuming too much protein -- more than 30% of your total daily caloric intake -- could actually harm your body, says protein expert Gail Butterfield, PhD, RD, director of Nutrition Studies at the Palo Alto Veterans' Administration Medical Center and nutrition lecturer at Stanford University.” (para. 2). As I was over the standard amount of protein on two of the three days, some things I can cut to get within range would be to eat only one...
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