Food and Wine Magazine Swot Analysis

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Food and wine is a monthly magazine published by American Express Publishing. It was founded in 1978 by Ariane and Michael Batterberry. It features recipes, cooking tips, travel information, restaurant reviews, chefs, wine pairings and seasonal/holiday content and has been credited by The New York Times with introducing the dining public to "Perrier, the purple Peruvian potato and Patagonian toothfish". The winner of Top Chef, the reality television cooking competition, is featured in a spread in this magazine. MARKET PROFILE

Food and wine magazine are more likely attracted to women at the age of 23 and above. Mom’s and chefs are the ones who most likely buy the product. They tend to look for Ideas about cooking, recipes and other bright Ideas about food representing. STRENGTH

Food and wine Magazine is the global leader in category of food magazines. They have given the brightest idea about food, tips on cooking, the best recipes ever offered and Food dieting. High levels of research and development expenditures, And strong brand portfolio because it includes a high number of recognition brands and services. WEAKNESSES

Food and wine Magazine are to those who are only interested in food cooking and recipes. They do not cover all the consumer age which make Food and Wine Magazine’s development very slow. OPPORTUNITIES

More articles about Annual food events, more ideas about food products and brands, new concepts to create more loyal subscribers. THREATS
Rising Cost- Increasing transport and raw material costs, mainly on oil and packaging prices are placing significant pressure on margins in the company. Competition from beyond food magazines- the expansion and diversification of food magazines OBJECTIVES

To build stronger relationship with the subscribers. Give them bigger promos to give the chance on spreading the good news and give more loyal subscribers.
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