Food and drink

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PW2-25 2.1 Describe the relevant legal requirements relating to the storage, preparation and serving of food.

Food safety Act 1990

This covers health and hygiene in the setting.
We have to be checked by the environmental health officer.

Storage of food – We store food safely in the fridge
The fridge should be 3-5 degrees.
Freezers should be -18 degrees
Make sure we store them in the right place
cover up food in the fridge, make sure they are kept in date.

preparation of food- aware of different chopping boards – we only prepare food that the children bring in. The children usually bring in food ready prepared. wash hands
wipe surfaces down.
Serving of food – temperature etc.
All staff wear aprons when serving food to prevent cross- contamination 1 member of staff prepares the food
we sit with the children who need supervising
we wear gloves if feeding a child
support children in the areas
we have one child who is allergic to most things and so he is supervised on a one to one to ensure he eats his own lunch and not others food.

PW2-25 2.2 Outline the relationship between nutrition and children and young people’s development Explain the link between nutrition and children’s development – how it can affect their development

It is important for children and young people to get the right nutrients to grown. To have the right nutrients and having vitamin C to be healthy Drinking milk for the calcium to help their bones and development. Having a balanced diet.

As children grow and develop they need to have the right food to support their development. If they don’t have the right nutrients this can affect their growth and during these years, children’s development is key and they need to be getting the right nutrients for their bones and teeth etc. . if children don’t have the right nutrients this can also affect them as they get older.

PW2-25 2.3 Describe the effect of food intake on children and...
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