Protecting Children from Malnutrition

Pages: 3 (697 words) Published: May 24, 2013
Feeding children in Mogadishu was very difficult, ‘’ Fatia and Halima are fighting to protect their children from malnutrition”.

The parents don’t want the children to be malnourished, “ don’t want babies to become weak and malnourished”.

They rely on the world food programme, “ the clinic gives out monthly rations of plumpy sup a peanut butter based ready to easy paste packet vitamins, minerals, and, other nutrients”.

The food comes all ready made as they don’t have the resources to cook the food, ‘’I don’t have to cook it and the children like it’’.

There is a lot of ways in which the children benefit from eating the plumpy sup, “when danger increased from what borne diseases and infections, especially cholera and diarrhoea, the children need to be strong when the rain comes”.

Nigel Slater had a colourful experience at the sweet shop, “behind the counter were row upon row of sweetie jars, their lids so round and wide the assistant would barely get her hand around them”.

Imagery is used for visual impact, “elegant, port, brandy, shiny”. The effect of this is that the sweets are portrait as very colourful and tasty things. It gives the audience a good impression of visiting the sweet shop, as it was a pleasant experience.

A simile is used to emphasise how shiny the humbugs were, “black and white humbugs as shiny as a marble floor”. The effect of that is that the audience is able to visualise exactly how shiny the black and white humbugs were”. The language that is used makes the sweets look very appetizing and that Nigel Slater remembers the taste and the look of the sweets.

The words “Dazzled and confused” were used to emphasise how shocking the sweets were and how confusing it was to choose which one to eat first. It gives you feeling of the mood at that very moment in time at the sweet shop.

Repetition is used for to illustrate how surprised Nigel Slater was, “No where have I encountered”. The language used tells the reader about...
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