Honesty Is Absolutely Essential to Maintaining a Friendship.

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Hypertension Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Honesty is absolutely essential to maintaining a friendship. Wise men say that, “Health is the most valuable treasure in one’s life”. To ensure a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet plays a crucial role. We ought to have our meals everyday according to the food pyramid. It is a general guide for every individual to keep a balanced diet regularly as everyone can follow the food ratio when they prepare for their meals. Why is it so important to consume a balaanced diet? A balanced diet is composed of more carbohydrates and proteins with less fats and salts. If we eat a balanced diet regularly, everyone can build a health physique. We would acquire robust bodies which isn’t vulnerable to pathogen. One’s immune system would definitely be improved and one won’t fall sick easily if one takes balanced diets regularly. As a result, life is happy and bright as one won’t face health problems such as stomachache or diabetes.

By eating a balanced diet, our bodies can absorb nutrients which are necessary for our body growth. Sufficient vitamins and mineral salts are absorbed and thus we are prevented from contracting anaemia which leads to death. Adequate cellulose fibre is also required to prevent constipation. If we consume a balanced diet which consists of more protein such as milk and fish, our body cells will divide faster and our body will grow healthier. Moreover, we won’t face deficiency disease such as malnutrition, which will affect our bodies’ growth development.

Another point noted is that we can prevent chronic diseases such as obesity and stroke. If we consume less fat, we won’t face high blood pressure or cholesterol problems. As a result, people who take balanced meals are healthier than those who love fried chicken wings and French fries. Do take meals with less salt, less fat and less sugar to ensure our health.

Our body requires sufficient energy to take on such humongous tasks such as walking, carrying heavy school bag and jogging. Hence, we must eat...
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