Healthy Eating

Topics: Nutrition, Fruit, Vegetable Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Menu for 9 month old
Need foods easy to chew/swallow
Plenty of fluids with minerals and calcium
Weetabix – Mashed up
Milk on awakening
* Crackers with Full Fat Butter,
* Milk
* Beans Pie, - potato, Cheddar cheese & Baked beans– Mashed up Steamed veg - Peas and carrots (mashed)
* Water,
* A selection of fruits (Grapes, Apple, Oranges) - Cut into small slices Snack:
* Cucumber, Carrot or pepper slices, - Cut into thin slices * Water
* Chicken and Tomato Pasta, - Chicken grinded so they can’t choke, very small pieces of tomato * Water,
* Fruit Flavoured Yoghurt - No fruits bits inside
Each child is getting their nutrients by the foods they are eating in each meal. The meal plan shows the eatwell plate Menu for 7 year old who is lactose intolerant
* Lactose free milk with Weetabix
* Banana
* Orange or Blackcurrant Diluted Drink
* Tomato and Chicken Pasta – Chicken cut into small pieces, Tomato cut into small pieces * Jelly and Fruit (Grapes, Apples, Pears)
* Water
* Carrot or cucumber or sweet pepper slices
* Lactose free milk
* Beef and mash, with steamed veg
* Water
* Vanilla Cake with custard (made with lactose free milk)
Explain what is meant by a balanced and nutritious diet for the growing chid A child should have well balanced diet to prevent infections and diseases. A balanced diet has all the nutrients required by a child in correct proportions for a healthy growth. A balanced diet is needed for the human body to achieve proper growth, development and body function. Some nutrients important to a person's health are not produced in the body and must be attained from an outside source. Certain nutrients also help an individual battle the risk of some chronic diseases they may be susceptible to later in life...
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