Fix You By Coldplay Analysis

Topics: Christianity, Jesus, God, New Testament, Religion, Bible / Pages: 3 (517 words) / Published: Nov 24th, 2015
Songs have a lot of meaning to so many people and can change someone's entire life just by listening to the song one time. They can also have a bad influence on one’s life if they are listening to the wrong kind of music. The song I chose is Fix You by Coldplay. This song has a lot of meaning if one actually listens to the words. The words have a lot of Biblical references and lots of different Christian themes. First, there is one line in the song that says lights will guide you home. The short line in the song by Coldplay can be interpreted in so many ways and have so many different meanings. There is one theme that is clearly portrayed in this short line. That theme is fulfillment. Fulfillment means that something is complete and …show more content…
This line in the song portrays the most Christian theme. My interpretation on this theme is forgiveness. This is one of the most important Christians themes. Forgiveness is portrayed in this line because God knows We will make mistakes and learn from them, but We all are thankful that God forgives us. I have seen this theme in my life because no one was perfect except for Jesus so we all need God to forgive our sins. That theme of forgiveness portrayed this song is probably of the most important themes in our lives. Thirdly, In Coldplay’s song Fix You it says, But if you never try you'll never know just what you're worth. In the Bible it says that we are all made in God’s image. We all know how great His love is for us. It also says in the Bible that all of mankind are made equal. This line in the song has a great message that God gave us that we do not need to know who is better than someone else or who is worth more. I see this in my life because I know that God’s love me just as he loves everyone else in the world and that is reassuring. Overall this line in Coldplay's songs shows God’s love for

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