First Aid Assignment

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First aid assignment
Unit 302.3 K3S198, K3H196, K3H197, K3H199E1 10/689321
When I am working in the crèche with the children, I make sure that the children are all safe, sometime accidents do happen. If an accident does happen while I am there I would find out what has happened, by asking the child and other members of staff. While I am finding out what has happened I would give the appropriate first aid and recorded it in the first aid book. For example if a child has banged their head I would.

1. Comfort the child while I checked the child’s head to see if there is any cuts or bumps, making sure they are responsive and alert. 2. I would put on gloves, apron and get the first aid box, if another member of staff was closer then I would ask the to get it for me. 3. Get a cold compress from the first aid box, I would then apply the cold compress to the head. All the time comforting and talking calmly to the child. 4. first aid box, if another member of staff was closer then I would ask the to get it for me. 5. I would keep an eye on the child to make sure they are not sick and checking that they are responsive and there is no sign of concussion. 6. If the cut is severe or there are sings of concussion then an ambulance should called and the parents informed. 7. I would then need to fill in an accident form (I have included one for reverence). Which I will have to recorded what happened, were it happened, what treatment I gave and the date and time. I would sign the form. Once I have dealt with the incident I put the gloves, aprons and any materials with blood on it should be bagged and placed in the body waste bin to be incinerated. If a child in your setting becomes seriously ill it is important to know all your children’s medical background and if they have any illnesses that may be affecting them like asthma, allergies or diabetes. You may have children who need medicine you must have parental consent to administer any medicine like insulin, inhalers or an adrenaline pen. All supervisors must check all registration forms and signed and dated. At our setting we have a policy stating we do not administer any medicines as the parents are still in the same premises. If it was a setting that had a policy to administer medicines they would need to be labelled clearly and in the original containers and these would then be locked in a safe cabinet which is only accessible to appropriate staff members. Coshh states that all medicines must be kept in a safe place preferably a locked cupboard. The specific legal requirements of the EYFS states Providers must implement an effective policy on administering medicines, the policy must include effective management systems to support individual children with medical needs.Providers must keep written records of all medicines administered to children, and inform parents. Providers must obtain prior written permission for each and every medicine from parents before any medication is given. Children who are ill may have to be moved away from other children to avoid infection of other children depending on the type of illness. Parent should be informed and asked to collect their child and if required an ambulance should be called. If you know the children in your care well enough then you will be able to spot changes in their behaviour that points to illness. Some things to look out for are, abnormally quiet, irritable, lethargic, crying, etc. There are also changes in their general well being that you can be aware of as a sign of illness loss of appetite, diarrhoea, vomiting, rashes, rise in temperature, pail complexion. If you suspect a child is ill then a first aider should be informed straight away and the parents informed. In our setting one member of staff will look after the sick child until parents arrive. (This will always be a first aider in case symptoms worsen and further action is needed).

It is important all staff and volunteers are aware of...
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