Mu2.4 Childcare Task 3 + 4
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Task 3

Signs and symptoms which may indicate that a child or young person is unwell: • Raised temperature • Diarrhoea • Vomiting • Refusing food • Coughing for long periods of time • Discharge from ear • Bumps, bruising, bleeding • Changes in usual behaviour • Refusing to play • Pale looking • Quiet or withdrawn behaviour • Crying, unsettled, clingy

Signs that urgent medical treatment is needed: • Chocking • Fitting • Unconscious • Temp of 38.6°C • Burns • Wound that won’t stop bleeding • Difficulty breathing • A head injury with symptoms of concussion

Roles and responsibilities in giving first aid. Tell someone immediately if a child needs urgent medical attention. Then do as you have been instructed. That could be either staying with the child to comfort them or going to get the first aid box. Then check that the area is safe and that the child is still breathing and assist in giving first aid if needed. Ensure someone has dialled 999 and contacted child’s parents.

Task 4

Prescribed and non-prescribed medicine must be administered by a qualified member of staff. Any medication given to a child must be witnessed by another member of staff, before it is given to the child.
Parents must have already given their child at least one dose of the medicine to ensure that there are no reactions to the medicine. The information leaflet must always come with the medication. Staff must always read this information leaflet to ensure the correct dose is given.
The reason why the medication has been given needs to be clear and the instruction needed are what dose, and how often it needs to be administered.
If the medication needs to be given on a when required basis e.g. calpol, It is essential that the child has a care plan. Any signs of when the medication should be administered should be written down on the care plan e.g. high temperature, eyes

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