Fine Art of Listening

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The Fine Art of Good Communication

When someone is talking, do you hear them talking, do you listen to what they are actually saying? When you speak, do you ever notice the body language you use, and the tone of your voice? When other people speak, do you notice people’s tones? Do you notice their body language?

Communication consists of speaking to another person and also listening to another person. When listening to another person, you can tell how they are feeling by the tone of their voice, the words that they use, and their body language. Other people can also tell a lot by your tone, words, and body language.

I really feel that a skill only few people possess, but everyone should master is the art of good communication. Good communication skills start with good listening skills. Listening is the foundation for all good relationships, whether it is personal relationships, such as friendships or marriage, business relationships and even spiritual relationships. All relationships require people to listen and to give feedback on what they just heard.

Most people do not actually listen when others speak to them. They hear what they are saying, but not what they mean. When you do not listen, you generally miss what people are trying to tell you. You only hear parts of what people are saying to you. Most people, when in a conversation, start to think about what they will say and only hear parts of what others are saying. Other people begin to let their minds wonder if they start to get bored with the conversation.

Friendships require you to have good communication skills. I mean, how can you be a good friend to someone and comfort them in a time of need if you never really know what is wrong? Friends need someone to listen to them when they need to talk about their thoughts and feelings. They also need feedback, such as constructive criticism, sympathy, and even though they may not like it, the honest truth. Wouldn’t you want a friend that...
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