Similarities Between Human and Animal Communication

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Unsurprisingly one animal which communicates in a very similar way to humans is chimpanzees, so much so that an area of the brain involved in planning and producing speech, and sign language in humans plays a similar role in chimpanzee communication. Another similarity between chimpanzee and humans is the use of body language. Chimpanzees have evolved many facial and body muscles to help them convey messages, for example erect hair shows agitation or aggression; grinning portrays fear; prolonged staring is threatening behaviour; and hanging the lower lip indicates a calm, relaxed mood.

If emotions of humans and animals are observed; one can't deny the obvious similarities. For example, the fear emotion, humans and animals have similar responses; widened eyes, open mouth, rapid heartbeat, hair stands on end, muscles tremble and so on.

The ease encountered in training animals can be mainly attributed to the fact that as humans we share with animals many methods of communication. However, it takes some effort for both humans and animals to be able to effectively interpret the meanings behind some behaviors. For instance, we humans tend to shake hands when we meet with a new person, dogs however, have another type of handshake: they will tend to smell the behind of the other dog. While these approaches may seem quite different, in reality they are both methods of getting to know another person and greeting them. There are several similarities we may observe between humans and animals in their daily interactions. A happy dog will romp around just as a child, a mad dog may bark, growl and bare its teeth while a human will yell and may give verbal warnings. Animals may communicate similar feelings as humans however, the method of expressing them may be quite different.

Communication by definition means the ability to send information to another, via any given form of medium. Even on the most basic level, communication can be as simple as a facial expression, or...
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