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Topics: Human resource management, Airline, Garuda Indonesia Pages: 9 (3945 words) Published: December 1, 2014

Garuda Indonesia Management Analysis

Karina Dwi Andarin
Management / International Business 2013
Date of submission: December 4th, 2014
Mr. Arun Kumar


As we know, Garuda Indonesia is the most famous full service airline in Indonesia that currently operates 82 aircrafts and serves 33 domestic and 18 international destinations in Asia (Regional Southeast Asia, Middle East, China, Japan and South Korea), Australia, and Europe (The Netherlands). As a result of its concern to safety, Garuda Indonesia received IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) as proves that the airline has fulfilled global best practice in safety and security procedures.

A number of awards in the last two years are also a real prove of Garuda Indonesia competencies. In 2010, Skytrax rewarded Garuda Indonesia as a “Four Star Airline” and “The World’s Most Improved Airline”. Subsequently, in July 2012 Garuda Indonesia received “Best Regional Airline in Asia” and “World’s Best Regional Airline”. Sydney-based Centre for Asia Aviation (CAPA) awarded Garuda Indonesia as “Airline Turnaround of the Year” in 2010. And in 2012, Roy Morgan, indepedent international research in Australia, awarded Garuda Indonesia as "The Best International Airline" for the month of January, February, and July.

Garuda Indonesia has also successfully managed the period of “on the brink of failure” to “success” in era of 2006-2010. After the struggle period, Garuda Indonesia will continue with an aggressive 5-year expansion program known as the ‘Quantum Leap’. The program will drive the company to grow much bigger with wider network and better quality of service.

This type of company must have maintain their human resource very well so that today they can be trusted by many people and have a satisfactory services. I as a management student requested and feeling interested to know more about how do Garuda Indonesia maintain their employee’s performance appraisal and management, their training and development concept, how do they conduct training requirements, training process, training methods and techniques, their methods for determining compensation, their safety and health because we know how dangerous it is to work in an airplane and other cross-cultural diversity that happens in such a global workforce of Garuda Indonesia.

Training and Developing Employees Concept

Garuda Indonesia adopted a Human Capital Management approach, which perceives employees as assets with high levels of competitiveness. Engaged in the service industry, Garuda Indonesia acknowledges the importance of human resources in creating a strong and sustainable corporate performance. Therefore, since 2005 the Company has actively redefined its policies and human resources systems in order to be aligned with the Company's grand strategy and objectives. For Garuda Indonesia, people have always been the main priority. Employees can be viewed as human capital, implying that Garuda Indonesia's employees have knowledge, skills and potential work habits that can support the Company's productivity. In order to become valuable capital with a strong contribution to the organization, every employee required to have a healthy work spirit and hence will be competent enough for the organization. After selecting and recruiting the employees, Garuda Indonesia also having their training concept, because of the human resource needs in every company different, for human resource aviator, Garuda Indonesia had prepared their own Garuda Indonesia Training Center (GITC) which located in Jakarta. GITC has complete facilities and infrastructure. Facilities owned by GITC include 50 classrooms, laboratories, teaching space, aircraft interior mock up a practice space for steward / stewardess, a pool for wet drill used for safety flight training, flight simulator B-737, B-747 and Airbus, an auditorium that can be used to...
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