WMLiS Model United Nations 2014 - Aviation Safety Chair Report

Topics: International Civil Aviation Organization, Air safety, Aviation accidents and incidents Pages: 5 (1669 words) Published: March 31, 2015
Maintenance of International Peace and Security: Aviation Safety Eri Zhong 钟尔灵
Katherine Wei 魏嘉奕
Alan Wang 汪一鼎
Six million people spanning hundreds of countries and thousands of airports board airplanes everyday, arriving safe and sound at their intended destinations. Flying has been noted as one of the safest methods of transportation today, with the overall safety record improving year after year. During the mid-20th century, aviation accidents occurred about once every 200,000 flights. Today, accidents occur less than once for every 2 million flights, an impressive improvement considering the time period over which it occurred.

Topic Background
After the composition of modern aircrafts, airplanes have occupied a large quantity proportion of transport and armed force. As the economic and technical development, greater population has chosen to travel by air. Nowadays, air travel is regarded as the most dangerous as well as most secure method in different measuring ways. Recently, airline safety has drawn public’s attentions again due to the incident of Malaysia Airlines System Berhad (MAS). The airplane has been missing with 227 passengers and 12 crews. By now, there is no obvious clue to indicate the exact position of wrecks.

Accidents, human error, hijackings, sabotage, or military actions are the main causes of passenger fatalities in the numbered events. Nevertheless, these problems can be mostly conquered through regulation, education, training and supervising. In general, authorities and governments have facilitated the specific agencies to ensure the safety of aeroplanes in form of security check, police guards and so forth.

Airline Safety Organizations
International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is a special agency operated by United Nations. It has codified principles and techniques of international aviation and initiated planning and development of transport to ensure the order of safety and efficiency of air navigation. The ICAO Council has adopted a series of standards and practices to prevent further potential illegal interference. This agency aims at international cooperation among member states through constitutional affairs and provided technical assistance to promote air safety standards worldwide.

Aviation Safety Network (ASN) is a database recorded airline incidents started in 1919. This website is run by Flight Safety Foundations (FSF), which is an international organization contributed to the research, education, advocacy and publishing in the field of air safety. ASN has detailed information specified on particular categories or factors of any considerable air disaster.

Past Actions
In order to change the scope of future corrective actions in aviation, a multitude of governmental sectors and specialized organizations alike must understand the nature of past corrective actions, as well as safety management systems. When looking at statistics for aircraft accidents over the past thirty years, the number of crashes has experienced a significant downward trend. This is largely due to a number of strategic changes administered to several worldwide regions. No matter if the error be of technical or terrorist nature, it must be hypothesized, analyzed, corrected, and prevented.

United States
The United States has been statistically noted as having the most fatal plane crashes by country, with one-third of the world’s aviation accidents having claimed 10,505 lives since 1945, according to data compiled by the Aviation Safety Network. This statistic must also be taken in correspondence to the fact that the United States produces the highest amount of flights per year, per capita.

As a response to the September 11, 2001 attacks which left the US in need to revitalize its stance towards aviation safety, the Transportation Security Administration was created. The organization then became in charge of developing policies to better protect air travel, especially...

Cited: UN document outlining aviation safety techniques and methods
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