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Air Safety

Air accidents and incidents An Air accident is the worst nightmare of every pilot or passenger that has ever ridden in an aircraft. Although air travel is one of the safest forms of transportation, accidents do happen with dramatic and terrifying results. The causes of these Air accidents vary greatly depending on specific circumstances and problems that may develop during the flight process.In many situations these incidents can be completely avoided through careful preparation and effective safety...

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Airport Security-Air Cargo

Airport Security-Air Cargo Out of all forms of passenger and freight transportation, air travel represents the highest levels of logistics complexity. Every day, thousands of aircraft leave the ground to service domestic and foreign countries. Since the World Trade Center attacks that took place on September 11, 2001, the world and especially the United States has been on a heightened state of alert. Although the aviation industries as well as the independent carries are working hard to ensure...

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Causes of Air Accidents

Air Accident An Air accident is the worst nightmare of every pilot or passenger that has ever ridden in an aircraft. Although air travel is one of the safest forms of transportations, accidents do happen with dramatic and terrifying results. The circumstance of Air accidents takes place by four causes: takeoff and landing, mechanical failures, pilot error, and bad weather. One cause of Air accidents take place is during takeoff and landing. Approximately 80 percent of all aviation...

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What Are the Strategic Dilemmas Facing Air Asia?

aggressive competition against the large or traditional airline companies Customer decrease because of poor economy Rising of the fuel prices Higher labor cost Inadequate infrastructure Route and flight utilization Safety and security issues of aircraft crash or being attacked AIR ASIA VMOST ANALYSIS VMOST is an acronym for Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics. It is an internal analysis business framework. Using the VMOST analysis captures the current strategy of an organization and...

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Quality and Safety Two Sides of the Same Medal

Course work A Quality Management for Airline Operations (by John Davou), City University London. Quality and Safety. Two sides of the same medal? Quality and Safety are two commonly used terms generally in various industries and particularly the aviation industry. For a comprehensive comparison between Quality and Safety, the first step would be to outline the basic dictionary definitions which are most relevant. Quality is defined as: The standard of something as measured against other...

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Air Travel in the 60's and Air Travel Today

Air travel in the 60’s was a thing of glamour and it was for the privileged few. It has come a long way since the “Jet set” days of the 60’s. Though air travel has considerably changed in terms of people who fly, airport infrastructure and inflight services, what with the economic downturn, cost cuts and never ending terrorism, flying is not what it used to be. Because of the exclusivity of air travel in the 60’s, tickets were very expensive, so only the rich and famous could afford it. In other...

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Case of Air Florida Flight 90

to his first officer, who was correct that the instrument panel readings were wrong. The pilot was told not to delay because another aircraft was 2.5 miles out (4 km) on final approach to the same runway. Pilot error, the National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probable cause of this accident was the flight crew's failure to use engine anti-ice during ground operation and takeoff, their decision to take off with snow/ice on the airfoil surfaces of the aircraft, and the captain's...

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Air Safety

Accidents Involving Fuel Exhaustion and Starvation Department of Transport and Regional Services Australian Transport Safety Bureau RESEARCH PAPER DECEMBER 2002 Australian Aviation Accidents Involving Fuel Exhaustion and Starvation Released under the provisions of Section 19CU of Part 2A of the Air Navigation Act 1920. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) is an operationally independent multi-modal Bureau within the Commonwealth Department of Transport and Regional...

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colonial rule, and the country's transport network is now diverse and developed. International air transportations are so much popular and important in modern business. Nowdays, it is impossible to imagine prosperous business without aircraft. Large corporations have already outgrown country borders where they have been created, everywhere there is international cooperation International air cargoes transportation brings the distance between countries to nothing, after all delivery time...

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ICAO Strategic Objectives

standards and recommended practices for the safe and orderly development of international civil aviation. In its ongoing mission to foster a global civil aviation system that consistently and uniformly operated at peak efficiency and provides optimum safety, security and sustainability, ICAO has established Strategic Objectives which form the basis for the Organizations activities. “. This is what ICAO claims, promotes and believes. The question is: Has ICAO really developed a set of Strategic Objective...

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